the brilliant green – LIKE YESTERDAY

March 3, 2010 at 11:16 AM | Posted in the brilliant green | 4 Comments

LIKE YESTERDAY is the brilliant green’s 18th single and it was released on February 24, 2010. The single reached #17 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 6,049 copies. It’s also the band’s 1st single with Warner Music Japan.

I swear Tomoko keeps looking younger. O_O

♦ ♦ ♦

the brilliant green is back…again! lol

The band is on a new label but they’re still sticking to what they do best. You could argue that LIKE YESTERDAY sounds kind of dated but I think that’s part of the brilliant green’s charm. They have always stayed true to that 90s alternative rock vibe and you definitely hear it in this song. In recent memory, the only song that was pretty “out there” was Ash Like Snow.

Spring Gate is more upbeat and has a little more energy than the A-side. It’s uneventful but still a good song. In my opinion, it gets trumped by the next track at light speed. This song is an English version of the band’s 1999 hit Sono Speed de. The music is also more on the acoustic side, focusing more on strings instead of electric guitars. I really liked it.

Pros: Overall, this was a good single. Surprisingly, at light speed was my favorite track.
Cons: Like I said before, the music sounds old and I was expecting more out of the A-side.

BASICALLY…this was better than the band’s last “comeback single” Stand by me.

Overall Rating

4 stars


2. Spring Gate
3. at light speed



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  1. Yay! ^_^ I have to get around to playing my new March music.

    I just installed an external and dropped my 20 gigs of music into iTunes. Been sorting, deleting, and editing for a week now. XD

    Once I’m done though… NEW MUSIC MARCH!


    I hope she doesn’t kill her two alter-egos off for good…

  3. I hope she doesn’t either, but with the band being on a new label…I’m not sure. I would like to see february return since it’s been forever (and we only got ONE new song last year).

  4. Tomoko looks like a teenager :O

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