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This is for you guys with a account. Don’t forget to add me as a friend: ;D

Because I believe in tagging Jpop songs correctly since July 2009 (lolz), think of this post as a little tutorial but this is really a rant more than anything.

– Most importantly, look at the back of CDs. Music Pixels has a huge collection of CD scans and you can also do a search at Yahoo Auctions. These sites are super helpful if you want to tag song titles correctly. Listening to Jpop, you should know how the Japanese just love to screw around with the English language.
– Look at Oricon profiles. JpopStop usually has links to a single/album’s Oricon profile. For albums, they’ll show a tracklisting but not for singles.
– Don’t trust official sites…most of the time.

– For any artist that has kanji or whatever in their names…examples include:

Ayumi Hamasaki = 浜崎あゆみ
Utada Hikaru = 宇多田ヒカル
Ai Otsuka = 大塚愛 (No there ISN’T a space, mmk?)
Hitomi Shimatani = 島谷ひとみ
Ami Suzuki = 鈴木亜美 (avex releases ONLY. Pre-avex stuff should be tagged as 鈴木あみ.)
ayaka = 絢香

The correct tag for ayaka is 絢香 so get it right, bbz. That’s a common mistake I see. It’s like when you see “ayumi hamasaki” or “ai otsuka” on their respective covers. It’s not official but just for style.

– Leave names like these alone! Just don’t do it!!1!1!

Aira Mitsuki (Tricky!)
Crystal Kay

– Watch out for these… *dramatic pause* names in KATAKANA.

Angela Aki = アンジェラ・アキ
Leah Dizon = リア・ディゾン
Stephanie = ステファニー
Younha = ユンナ (For her Japanese works.)

But omg Lex, it says ~Angela Aki~ on the cover. Like I said, it’s for style purposes.

This is probably my least favorite thing about tagging correctly. I only use these 2 fug symbols. You won’t see these in my reviews unless they’re coupled with Japanese characters (like alan’s RED CLIFF ~心・戦~. It makes things easlier on the eyes. lulz Don’t even get me started on spacing! I could go on forever.

~ = ~
Example: Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ = Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~

* = *
Example: *Epilogue* ~LOVE one.~ = *Epilogue*~LOVE one.~

Some artists like to be bitchy and use the Japanese floaty periods at the end of their ENGLISH titles. IDGI

Dear… = Dear・・・
She is… = She is・・・

Let’s not forget other cutesy shit symbols like a star ☆ or a heart ♥. There’s other stuff I’ve seen too. *over my head*

Its there anything I’m missing or something you want to ask? I am an expert in this field after all. ;D

Anyway, I have to give an update on my “personal life” because this will directly affect the blog. Last November, I was accepted into the United States Air Force and I’m currently in the Delayed Entry Program (a.k.a. a waiting list). I still don’t have a date on when I’m going to basic training yet so I decided to keep BtS up and running. Believe it or not, I still like reviewing music after all these years. lol

My review of KOKIA’s new album REAL WORLD will be coming tomorrow followed by an early review of Ai Otsuka’s new single. At the end of April, I will be a doing a summary post of the first 4 months of 2010. You know those “year in review” things I do? This will be the same thing but I’ll be doing it every 4 months instead. It’s easier that way and there’s less stuff to cover.

See you later, guys! ^^

– Lex



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  1. Ahh very nice guide. Although, isn’t the purpose of tagging to help people find your posts? I have a feeling that most people will search “Ayumi Hamasaki” vs. “浜崎あゆみ.” I should probably add hiragana/katakana/kanji names with my romanji tags though…

  2. When I blog, I use the romaji when referring to artists. Like you said, it’s to help people find posts. But on a japanese site, using romaji will get you very limited results.

  3. What if an artist writes their name on purpose in English? Like signing autographs, or blogs? Wouldn’t that count?

  4. I trust official sites ):

  5. I can’t tag Leah Dizon as リア・ディゾン. It just doesn’t feel right ‘cuz she’s all American, idk. D: Other than that I think I tag correctly. :P

    Btw, I saw KOKIA on your upcoming reviews page and tried her album – it’s awesome. :D

  6. Do you have any examples?

  7. congrats on being accepted in the United States Air Force! =]

    now alot of people are being delayed on starting/getting in other branches of the military [except the army, i know they are still taking alot of people], but i know alot of people are waiting and stuff. my bf was on the Air Force base in San Antonio for schooling, he said it’s alot of fun! you meet alot of good people!

  8. thanx for the guide, even though i think i tag right :3. i can’t stand wrong tags @

  9. Heya Lex. I just recently started using again (and I’ve added you ya know). The tags thing is something I’m quite picky about too. Thank you for posting up ideas and sources to get some correct song titles. is what made me change the way to used to name my songs. Before, I used the following format:
    “Romaji Title kanji title [English Translation]”

    When it comes to Korean music though… I usually just go with an English trans. title I find on Wikipedia. haha. Romanized Korean is too hard to read and to remember, and Hangul is too difficult to read or search for. :/ You can’t blame me, I’m English-only afterall.

    Lex! I have just one question: For what reason do you use the kanji names over the Romaji for artist names? I don’t see the point.

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