misono – “…Suki×××” / 0ji Mae no Tsunderella ~Piano Ver.~

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The cover of the CD+DVD edition

“…Suki×××” / 0ji Mae no Tsunderella ~Piano Ver.~ (「・・・好き×××」/0時前のツンデレラ ~Piano Ver.~) is misono’s 16th single and it was released on May 5, 2010. The single reached #15 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 6,661 copies.

Nice wig…*cough*

♦ ♦ ♦

Did you know that this is her 6th double A-side single in a row? That’s OVERKILL. LOL

Don’t mind my rambling because “…Suki×××” is pretty good. This song is ferocious and features a really aggressive arrangement (possibly the strongest I’ve heard from her). The electric guitars and drums are rampant but luckily misono’s vocals aren’t. She isn’t all over the place or assaulting my ears with piercing shrieks and shouting. Even during the loud chorus, her voice remains on-key.

I always approach misono’s ballads with caution. The piano version of 0ji Mae no Tsunderella starts off decently but becomes messy when the chorus arrives. She does not sound good when she sings those high notes. I’ve heard better from her so I wasn’t very pleased (Shuuten ~Kimi no Ude no Naka~ and “Me” were the best examples of slower ballad-like songs from this era). Maybe a new version of this song will be on her new album?

Since the fanclub version of the single has never surfaced, I won’t be able to talk about the 2 extra tracks exclusive to it. Sorry. =(

Pros: After some more listens, I have concluded that “…Suki×××” is awesome.
Cons: I’m on the fence with 0ji Mae no Tsunderella.

BASICALLY…this wasn’t as good as the last single but misono’s still doing quite well.

Overall Rating

3½ stars


CD+DVD and CD only editions
1. “…Suki×××” (「・・・好き×××」)
2. 0ji Mae no Tsunderella ~Piano Ver.~ (0時前のツンデレラ)
3. “…Suki×××” [Instrumental]
4. 0ji Mae no Tsunderella ~Piano Ver.~ [Instrumental]

Fanclub edition
1. “…Suki×××”
2. 0ji Mae no Tsunderella ~Piano Ver.~
3. “Kimi to Watashi no Uta” ~misono to Ninin Sankyaku! Partner Ver.~
    (「君と私のうた」 ~misonoと二人三脚! パートナーVer.~)
4. music letter ~misono to Ninin Sankyaku! Partner Ver.~
   (music letter ~misonoと二人三脚! パートナーVer.~)
5. “…Suki×××” [Instrumental]
6. 0ji Mae no Tsunderella ~Piano Ver.~ [Instrumental]



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  1. it’s “0 jimae no CINDERELLA”, i don’t know why everybody says “tsunderella” :s. Aside from that, I really like “…suki xxx”, “0 jimae no cinderella” is kinda boring.

  2. That’s ’cause she’s a tsundere XD

  3. ^ ツ = tsu, idiot. it’s a combination of tsundere and cinderella.

  4. Oh and good review, I LOVE “…Suki xxx” (:

  5. oh, i didn’t know it was a word combination, so sorry for that. no need for calling me an idiot though, stay classy plz.

  6. lol But you had it coming, bb. Even if it was “cinderella”, it would have been シ = shi.

  7. but do you call people an idiot just because they made a mistake? i mean cmon. well it doesn’t matter, enough offtopic XD.

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