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June 1, 2010 at 2:46 PM | Posted in ~Blog Updates & Announcements | 13 Comments
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Hey guys! Today is June 1st and here is a list of some releases that I care about coming up this month. It can save you from the “Are you gonna review ____________?” comments. Then again, who knows what might show up. ;D

YUI – to Mother [6/2]
May J. – Shiny Sky [6/9]
K – Aitai Kara [6/16]
Do As Infinity – ∞2 [6/16]
MiChi×the telephones – WoNDeR WomaN [6/23]
Thelma Aoyama – Summer Love!! feat. RED RICE from Shonannokaze [6/30]
the brilliant green – Blue Daisy [6/30]

BENI – Lovebox [6/2]
Yuya Matsushita – I AM ME [6/2]
Crystal Kay – FLASH (mini-album) [6/16]
Kana Nishino – to LOVE [6/23]
lela – Jukai no Tsuki (mini-album) [6/23]

Anything else you want to mention? I got my eye on you!!1!!1



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  1. Zoh noes, the evil Ayu eye! I like how you call it releases you care about. Lol. I’d do a similar post on my blog, but I have trouble sticking to a set plan like that.

  2. How about Morning Musume? New single coming up and OMG it’s sooo gud and totally doesn’t have a sucky PV+sound like their past 5 singles. *-*

  3. omg I’m being trolled, right? Say it isn’t so. btw Seishun ~Correction~ sounds like a poor man’s version of that DBZ song.

  4. Eventually you will give in to the power of Meisa. xD

    Until then I’ll be looking forward to your reviews of BENI, Kana, Thelma and my bb Crystal. :)

  5. Wow, so many albums! I’ll look forward to your reviews. Are you going to do a release list like this every month?

  6. I look forward to your reviews (:! I have actually been reading your reviews since your first blog (beyondthesea), but I lost my password to my wordpress account and never went about to recover it to log in and comment… out of laziness? *shrugs*, but thank you so much for the wonderful reviews–I enjoy your taste and humor!

  7. no hilcrhyme or COMA-CHI? *walks away*

  8. nice tags.

  9. LOL, Lex. I didn’t even notice your tags until tsukinoai pointed them out. Those are like tags I would write. Haha.

  10. I cannot wait for you to review Matsushita Yuya’s first album ^_^ and May J.’s new song, what will you do in July, I wonder? There’s some new songs from Goto Maki and Koda Kumi, you know?

    Also, have you seen Koda Kumi’s newest single? I reviewed it and you can also listen to the tracks here and comment:

  11. LOL at those tags.

  12. Moriyama Naotaro! his fourth album since his debut in 2002 and after 2 years and 3 months since his previous album release~ he must have cooked up something good!

  13. YESSS! Nishino Kana! Looking forward to this album! ^^

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