~CRISIS 2010~ =O

June 12, 2010 at 10:07 AM | Posted in ~Blog Updates & Announcements | 7 Comments

I’m on a little “break” because my laptop (that has ALL my music and my photo editing program) is out of power and needs a new adapter. I’m pretty sure it’s because I spilled water on it. LOL Like I said, this is a ~CRISIS~.

I’m on the brand new iMac for the time being so no reviews until then. I’m really sorry! Seriously, this crap is confusing! (NO RIGHT CLICK? You’re kidding me, right?) I’ll still be around so you guys can chat with me and ask questions if you want. I did want to make some Jpop FAQ posts for a while.

Honestly, I don’t know how long this last but I’m guessing a week at most. Dell is full of bitches and bad customer service so I’m not getting another adapter from them. As for music, I still have a bunch of albums that I burned to occupy me. You know, ancient stuff like Utada Hikaru’s ULTRA BLUE and BoA’s OUTGROW. XD

EDIT: I reviewed BENI’s Lovebox and Yuya Matsushita’s I AM ME is on the way. After that, no reviews for real this time until I get that new adapter.



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  1. all macs have right click… you just have to enable it.
    system preferences > mouse or trackpad

    FAQ sounds cool though!

  2. you can also do control-click for the right click on the imac. I’m using mine right now :).

    Hope you get your adaptor soon!

  3. it will be hard to get use to! but i know you will get use to it! i was the same with mine.

  4. I’ve always wanted a MacBook. But I can’t afford one for a long while. T___T I shouldn’t complain though, I’m getting a 160GB iPod pretty soon. Actually the same thing happened with my old adapter just under two years ago, (except mine just overheated or something) and I had to order it and I got it two weeks later, fyi.

  5. 160GB?!? *JEALOUS*

  6. Aww… suckage. I know how you feel though, with your Mac troubles. >__<

  7. @Astn

    a 160 gb…

    i didn’t even know such awesomeness exists.

    jealous i am. 0.o lol

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