July Releases! (Super Late Post lulz)

July 7, 2010 at 11:06 AM | Posted in ~Blog Updates & Announcements | 7 Comments

If you’re wondering why this post is like a week late…I kind of forgot. >_> Anyway, here is the list of relevant stuff that is coming out (or already is lol) this month.

Koda Kumi – Gossip Candy [7/7]
alan – Kaze ni Mukau Hana [7/7]
Ai Kawashima – Sorairo ~Simple Treasure~ [7/7]
Ayumi Hamasaki – MOON / blossom [7/14]
Aya Kamiki – Revolver [7/14]
Anna Tsuchiya – Atashi [7/21]
BoA – WOO WEEKEND [7/21]
Namie Amuro – Break It / Get Myself Back [7/28]
WaT – Kimi ga Boku ni Kiss wo Shita [7/28]

Nana Mizuki – IMPACT EXCITER [7/7]
Maki Goto – ONE (mini-album) [7/28]

I might have forgotten something…oh well~ It’s gonna be a busy month.



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  1. oh, so you’ll start reviewing nana mizuki?

  2. Gonna be cuhrayzeeee up in here! I agree with Crystallas, hope you review Nana Mizuki!

    Its also going to be a huge month for j-rock too. ^_^

  3. WaT is back? How didn’t I know this? Oh, and it seems you’ve forgotten Miliyah Kato – Heaven too ^_~

  4. Crazy, BIG month XD
    Can’t wait for YUI’s album ^^

  5. Yay~ I love Nana Mizuki! I’m excited for your future reviews, keep up the good work!

  6. WaT?! I’m so excited :3
    This month is going to be crazy with releases.

  7. big month all i can say is good luck since this month is such a DIVAS month XD and i’m very interested to see how WaT is gonna do, since last i heard of them they made a fools of themseleves at the Kohaku

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