MiChi × the telephones – WoNdeR WomaN

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WoNdeR WomaN is MiChi’s 6th single and it was released on June 23, 2010. The single reached #54 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 1,588 copies.

the telephones are an interesting looking bunch…I mean they’re UGLY.

♦ ♦ ♦

What happens when MiChi teams up with 4 weirdos? You get one of the most annoying songs of 2010! Seriously, WoNdeR WomaN is freaking OBNOXIOUS. It’s a rock / electronic hybrid like her past songs but I thought the music was so strange. The electric guitars mix with this piercing sound in the background and it just hurts my ears. The vocals make things worse though. MiChi sounds okay most of the time but when the lead singer of the telephones comes in…well he’s pretty much yelling the entire time.

The B-side is a solo track by MiChi and a lot more tolerable. Strong MAN is also on the rockish side but it doesn’t make me want to cringe! Obviously I think this song is better and it should have been the A-side.

The remix of WoNdeR WomaN that appears as track 3 is an upgrade, especially for people like me that hated the original. Besides being really electronic and club oriented, the vocals are really distorted (which is a plus in my book). That makes everything less painful. ;D

Pros: Only Strong MAN.
Cons: The A-side beats Shibuya de Punch as my least favorite MiChi track by a longshot.

BASICALLY…this single is literally one big headache.

Overall Rating

3 stars


1. WoNdeR WomaN
2. Strong MAN / MiChi
3. WoNdeR WomaN (T.O.M remix)
4. WoNdeR WomaN (Instrumental)
5. Strong MAN (Instrumental)



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  1. yeah, “wonder woman” was awful indeed.

  2. wow I thought I was the only one who heard the screeching noise since I’m particularly hypersensitive to noise. I’ve heard that there are pitches that only young people can hear – maybe it doesn’t sound so bad to older people.

  3. man i loved her last single, but yeah even though i don’t totally hate this one, its not her best and she should really go look for some better/hotter band

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