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The cover of the CD+DVD edition

Me is misono’s 3rd studio album and it was released on June 30, 2010. The album reached #20 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 5,944 copies.

Ahhhh! No more scrapbooking!

♦ ♦ ♦

6 double A-side singles, a collaboration with her big sister, and 2 cover albums later, misono FINALLY releases her 3rd original album. Me only features 3 brand new tracks and a bunch of rearranged A-sides. Even after listening to the album a couple of times, I still really can’t comprehend it. Maybe I’m still a little baffled by the tracklisting. XD

I thought her first 2 albums were frontloaded by older material but this is kind of ridiculous. At least most of these songs are rearranged into new “Me versions” and some sound better while others aren’t that much different. For example, the new version of Tales… that starts the album has a heavier rock sound compared to the original and I was glad to hear 0ji Mae no Tsunderella in its full glory (the single only included a piano version). As for the others, “Me” and music letter only have slight tweaks in their arrangements while ? cm‘s “partner version” features additional vocals (by her fans allegedly ;D).

I’ve grown to like the other A-sides but there are still some songs that I can’t stand (Tenbin will always remain god awful). “…Suki×××” is by far my favorite track on the album but end=START (which is combined with 11 eleven from the Pochi single for some strange reason), Watashi Iro, and Shuuten are pretty good, too.

Moving onto the 3 new tracks, I thought Usotsuki Tane was the best one. It’s a standard rock track for misono but it’s executed pretty well. Joker makes interesting use of vocoders during the verses and the final track Last Time ~Romejuli~ is a pure acapella track. There’s no music and all you get is misono singing. Let’s just say that I didn’t really like it. The fanclub edition comes with a different version which I haven’t heard yet. If anyone has, does it have any MUSIC? LOL

In conclusion, I thought Me wasn’t bad. It’s not better or worse than her last album but I wish it had more new material. Sei -say- had great new tracks to balance the lackluster A-sides but in this case it’s kind of half and half. This era had good songs but also TERRIBLE ones as well. The flow of the album is a little clunky because I thought the placement of certain songs was questionable (and some shouldn’t be on here in the first place). Lastly, I wish misono would clean up her vocals a little bit. Remember her vocals in VS? She should go back to that.

Pros: The aggressive rock tracks stand out as the best on the album.
Cons: Not enough new tracks (a common problem with her albums) and Tenbin and music letter need to be DESTROYED.

BASICALLY…stop being so selfish, misono! ME this ME that blah blah blah.

Overall Rating 

3½ stars


1. Tales… ~Me Ver.~
2. Kyuukon ~Yaruki Genki Sono Ki no Nekko~ (球魂 ~やる気・元気・その木の根っこ~)
3. “…Suki×××” (「・・・好き×××」)
4. Usotsuki Tane (ウソツキ種)
5. 0ji Mae no Tsunderella (0時前のツンデレラ)
6. Joker
7. Tenbin ~Tsuyogari na Watashi×Yowagari na Kimi~ (天秤 ~強がりな私×弱がりな君~)
8. 11 eleven end=START
9. Shuuten ~Kimi no Ude no Naka~ (終点 ~君の腕の中~)
10. Watashi Iro (私色)
11. ? cm ~misono to Ninin Sankyaku! Partner Ver.~
      (?cm ~misonoと二人三脚! パートナーVer.~)
12. music letter ~Me Ver.~
13. Kazoku no Hi (家族の日)
14. “Me” ~Me Ver.~ (「ミィ」)
15. Last Time ~Romejuli~ (ラストタイム ~ロミジュリ~) [CD+DVD & CD only]
      Last Time ~Romejuli~ (Daishi Ver.) (ラストタイム ~ロミジュリ~ (台詞Ver.))
      [Fanclub edition]

Note: My favorite tracks are highlighted in blue!



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  1. i hated this album. while i loved “never+land” and “sei”, this was just boring and half-assed :/. sorry miimo…

  2. misono time after time insults me with her capacity to fail. I don’t know, something about her just perturbs me. XD

  3. “Tenbin and music letter need to be DESTROYED.”


    I preferred her last album to this one. Emosono has a special place in my heart~ <3

  4. i love this album!!is better than Kumiko album…UNIVERSE is really unoriginal…misono is so good <3
    *omg sorry for y bad (horrible ._.') english T_____T*

  5. Don’t worry about your English. ^^
    It’s good to see more misono fans. Even though I give her flack, I’m still a fan.

  6. ME can be described as this, great first half not so good second half
    dont get me wrong i dont regret buying it cuz ive been listening to Misono since her band was still going( I love you Miimi) but more new material would be nice
    suki”xxx” and 0ji Mae no Tsunderella are fantastic by the way;D
    sigh living in australia for certain ill never get to see her live!!

  7. Ickopowah
    i think Universe is Kuu’s best album yet ( well my favourite of hers anyway)
    as for being unoriginal well to be fair not all of Miimi’s music is completely original either, same with alot of other artists, you cant knock Kumi for that!!

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