“I just pulled a Utada…” & The future of Beyond the Sea

November 11, 2010 at 10:20 PM | Posted in ~Blog Updates & Announcements | 9 Comments

Hello everyone. *shifty eyes* I hope you’re not mad. D:

I finally decided to revisit this blog after neglecting it for months. I have to apologize to all my readers because I never made a proper “farewell post” back in August when I chose to stop reviewing. I have my reasons but the main one was that I got tired of reviewing. At times, posting on this blog was like a big chore to me (I sound like such a whiny bitch right now LOL). After reviewing for 4 years straight, I was uninspired and to put it bluntly, I just didn’t feel like it anymore. I thought changing my style of reviewing would liven things up but that was only temporary.

I realized that I only needed to take a break.

Unfortunately…like I have said many months before, I have enlisted into the US Air Force but the time has finally come for me to go. I leave for basic military training on Monday, November 15th and will be gone for 8 weeks.

It kind of sucks that I finally feel like reviewing again at this point in time but rest assured, I do plan on fully reviving this blog in January. 2011 promises to be a good year. I’ll be in technical school and have my computer back. It’ll just be like when I was in college (reviewing Jpop as I was studying for classes). XD

Anyway, I have 3 days left before I have to leave and I want to make some posts. This includes special posts like “2010 in review” and some lists like my all-time favorite artists, albums, and other random stuff.

So just like Utada Hikaru, I’m going on hiatus from my current hiatus. ;D




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  1. Lex bb, I’m gonna miss you ;3;

  2. I’m so glad you spoke up! I was wondering what happened, and began searching for beyondthesea3.

    My taste in JPop is very similar to yours, and I’m looking forward to the time you decide to do any more reviews.

  3. i’m so excited to see your reviews Lex! <3 i'm also gonna miss you!

  4. ^ lol at bts3. xD

    Gurl, we bbz gonna miss your HBIC blog. :’o

    Can I request Morning Musm-*shot*.

  5. Lexy baby! OH MY GOD.
    I never thought you’d return! :o *shocking!

    I’m damn glad you did though, as I’ve been checking my RSS feed WAY TOO MUCH over the past year. <_:D

    It’s ironic that I would find this post RIGHT AFTER having just watched the new Hikki PV!

    Congrats on joining the USAF. I was in the Army for a few years, WISHING my dumbass wouldn’t went into the AF instead! -_-# I’m sure you’ll do great!

    Now I have another thing to look forward to in 2011.

    See ya then! ;)

  6. Boot camp is going to be a breeze. Good luck!

  7. so happy to hear from you again! ^o^
    good luck with your training, and i look forward to reading more of your posts next year! :D

  8. How did I know exactly when to revisit this site again? I’m a month late, but y’know.

  9. Wow. I just didn’t quite understand why your blog would auto-direct to the “About Beyond The Sea” page.

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