I’m back! However…

February 6, 2011 at 3:05 AM | Posted in ~Blog Updates & Announcements | 8 Comments

Hey everyone! I graduated basic military training at the end January and here I am at tech school. So that’s Airman Lex from now on. ;D Just kidding.

Unfortunately I haven’t heard any new music since I left in November. I know that’s not even 3 months but this is the Japanese music industry we’re talking about. 3 months equals 3 years. Am I right?

There’s no wi-fi or ethernet here in my dorm so I’m stuck using these government computers at the moment. I’m ready to start reviewing again but that’s the main issue I’m facing right now. I haven’t had much time to go online anyway since I’m currently training for my job and taking classes from 8 to 5. I’m ~projected~ to graduate from school at the end of March.

Once I get internet access on my laptop, I’ll have a lot to catch up on. The first thing that I plan on reviewing is Ayumi Hamasaki’s latest album Love songs as a refresher. The Ayu stans can post comments telling me “how good it is”. lolz In the meantime, I’ll let you guys know if something comes up (and let me know about upcoming Jpop releases!)




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  1. Suzuki Ami is releasing a single in March! Finally! :’D

    And omg Ayu’s album is amazing and that’s not my stan side talking either. :( I know your gonna like it Rex! ;D (November is sfg omg).

    Congrats at graduating. :’D Work dem airplanes gurl~

    Oh and the Ami single thing was a lie, ofc~

  2. Lex! You’re not dead! :D
    Honestly, I’ve been missing you because besides for Kurayami Monogatari and Gaijin Kanpai, you’re the only source I have for JPop reviews.
    As for new releases, JASMINE’s single “ONE” just came out last week, along with Kana Nishino’s single “Distance” coming out on the 9th, followed soon after by Rie fu’s “For you” and Hitomi Shimatani’s “Kantan ni Ietanara.” (It’s not a cover, and it’s a really pretty ballad!) Those are just the ones I’m really excited for. Oh, Kuu released “Pop Diva.” Yeah. So, sorry if you already knew all this. XD
    Oh, and Love songs is one of Ayu’s best albums. Just sayin’.

  3. Wooooo welcome back =D instead of a graduating party, this is what we force u into huh? ;p but its still great to read your reviews again after….. i dont remember XD but yeah, OOOOMAyu, Love songs was aaaamazing <3 *tear* with her getting married…? me thinks its correlated. yup. but good luck in March!!! Again, great to have u back!!!!

  4. ayu did a pretty good album way better than the last IMO. JASMINE’s single. *whew* HOT. that girl is WORKIN it

  5. misono released a new song with BACK-ON and it’s her best song in like forever! it’s only a feature so you won’t review it but check it out she sings most of it :B oh and if you’re still interested in reviewing kou shibasaki her past two singles “EUPHORIA” and “Mukei Spirit” have been FLAWLESS. recommended, tehehe.

  6. Every Little Thing 15th anniversary “STAR” “MOON” is going to release on 23/2/2011 !!
    and Kaori mochida is going to release “to” !
    the 10th original album of ELT will be appeared in March :)

    Wish to see your comments on them
    by the way, “STAR” pv has already been put on Youtube / Tudou !!

    hope you will enjoy :)

  7. Yay, welcome back : D
    (been following you blog for many years now)
    I suggest you give DADA by Radwimps a try. I know you normally don’t go into boy-band territory but you will like their style. And also be sure to check out Koda Kumi’s newest releases : D

  8. Wow, what a weird coincidence. Not sure if you remember me, Keoni, from the old UO site. I just randomly thought about this blog today and decided to see if it was still up. It’s so weird to see you were at BMT at the same time I was, lol. I actually graduated from BMT in January too, our parade was on the 21st. Anyways, glad to see the site is still up! Good luck and congrats, bud. :)

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