About Beyond the Sea

Welcome to Beyond the Sea, a Japanese music review blog!
Only music from Japan will be featured in this blog and nothing else. I will do my best to deliver high quality reviews and comments and feedback are very much appreciated. If you’re looking for a certain artist, just check out the artist list to the right and if your looking for a specific review from that artist, the review index will show a complete listing of what I have done. Happy reading!

Let’s see…I created this blog back in 2006 when I was a junior in high school. It is indeed named after K’s debut album Beyond the Sea. This was around the time I was really getting into J-pop and I wanted to share my thoughts on the music that I was beginning to love so much. Originally, alongside the reviews I would upload songs via MediaFire but that didn’t last long. A year and a million site hits later, WordPress shut down the original blog! =OOOO I quickly revived it with the totally creative URL beyondthesea2. XD Everything has been smooth sailing from then on. I don’t review as often as I used to but I still enjoy to blog about J-pop occasionally.

First things first, I only review artists that I like and regularly listen to. For example, I’m never going to feature Shiina Ringo on this blog because I hate her. lol This also means that I do NOT take requests for reviews. Don’t even think about requesting or recommending anything to me. I am entitled to my own opinion and if you don’t like it, that’s too bad. I will respect your opinion so please respect mine in return.


1 star = Maybe there was one little redeeming quality? It was still absolute shit though.
2 stars = Incredibly below average.

3 stars = It was okay. Could’ve been better though.

4 stars = Getting close! A high quality release.

5 stars = Perfect. If it was a person, you would make sweet love to it. ♥

Note: Half a star (  ) indicates that the release was close to receiving a full star rating as listed above. Factors such as B-sides, remixes, new album tracks, and other minor details can influence whether a release gets an increase or decrease in its overall rating by half a star.

Hello! My name is Lex and I’m 23 years old. Part-time blogger and full-time United States Airman!
My favorite J-pop artists of all time are Utada Hikaru, Do As Infinity, Hitomi Shimatani, and Koda Kumi. I refer to them as the “Big 4”. *bows down* XD
Other artists that I love to death but are not included in the “Big 4” are Ayumi Hamasaki, Mika Nakashima, Tsukiko Amano, alan, Ami Suzuki, BONNIE PINK, KOKIA, Crystal Kay, BoAAngela Aki, Yuna Ito, Mai Kuraki, Kayaka, and Rie fu
My current biases are Kana Nishino, JUJUSayuri Sugawara, Mai Fukui, and Tohoshinki

I hope you enjoy your stay here at Beyond the Sea. According to Tyra, this blog is…



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  1. Why beyondthesea2? What happened to beyondthesea?

    Great site, BTW. Keep it up. =)

  2. Haha, Dancing Namie.

  3. Hey I was just wondering, do you know of any place where I could get scans for music artists? I would really like to know where you’ve been getting all these scans and stuff, since I’d like to make my reviews look more interesting.

  4. Man… i admire your courage and effort to downloading, you rock~! upload more ^^~! Also, could you upload the piano sheets of a few songs? (For ex : Only Human by K (Kei) ; Even If by Ken Hirai) Or is that too much~ well… if you need the Only Human, use this link ^^ http://bao.o.free.fr/OnlyHuman.pdf
    Anywho, TY for uploading once again, YOU ROCK SERIOUSLY!!!!! JPop Forever <3

  5. the amount of work you put into your reviews is truly amazing! I missed your reviews after beyondthesea was sunk under the terms of service. good to see you back up again :-)

  6. how come some reviews of singles are no longer present on your blog Lex? are you still working on getting everything back up or are you just leaving the blog as is ?

  7. @Nao: It’s taking a while, but I’m slowly getting all of the reviews back.

  8. @Lex – That’s great news. You run a really terrific blog here, and I actually find it more professional without the downloads. =]

  9. Hahaha dancing namie! I’m glad u changed your banner to BoA’s one

  10. I recently just started playing Xenosaga I. It’s the sex.

  11. Wow! Welcome back! I’ve really missed the site. Pity the downloads are down but that’s okay! Like always, your reviews are interesting to read!

  12. Keep up the great work.

    I had Beyond the Sea bookmarked and I just clicked it for the first time in a while and I was like, “OMG what??” D: D: D: D:

    So I googled “beyond the sea wordpress” and found this. >_>

  13. YAYYY OMG SO GLAD YOUR BACK! ive missed your site!!! :DDD

  14. wonder if you may just reviewed on Miyu’s latest single Akane, its so beautiful!

  15. Yep.. too bad with ‘beyondthesea’ and the download thingy, but yeah.. your review is really interesting to read ^^ I could look up to some album reviews before looking some good songs to be added to my i-tunes :D

    Great job! ^^

  16. thanks for adding me!
    I really like your reviews they’re really good quality!

  17. Wow, I love your banner! What program do you use to make it? Because I only have paint, as you could tell from my low quality banner.

  18. Wow, great banner!

  19. Oh, okay thanks for the information.

  20. You didn’t tell them Lex? ;D

  21. Cool the site is back i really missed the original one, thxs for all the songs and reviews. ^.^

  22. Ha! Love the dancing Namie! :D

  23. Hohoho, my favorite j-pop website is back! I knew it wouldn’t sink so easily! Keep up your good work!

  24. I am very grateful towards you allowing me to use your pics though I didn’t ask. I am removing the pics and putting them to my server. It will be fully removed by tomorrow. Thank you for being tremendously kind.

  25. It still says this is a download blog. x:

    Like I said, I really love the banner.

  26. ^ Fixed! XDD

  27. omg, wow, I can not believe this whole time there was a beyondthesea2. I was so depressed when the other page wasn’t up, and two months later I find THIS! lol, now I have to go through all the pages to see all of the exciting reviews I have missed!

  28. Hi!
    Could we please exchange links? I love your blog and added it to my blogroll.

  29. haha a drunk tyra!
    n i think one day, lex will end up as an important critic for jpop music (as a career!!!)
    since ur doin absolutly gr8 rite now!
    keep it up XD

  30. Haha, FIERCE!

    I really love your blog, you’re doing a great job!

  31. FIERCE.

  32. This blog is as FIERCE as they come. ;D

  33. Mwahahahahahahahah it cracks me up!!


  34. Happy Holidays Lex!

  35. Love the BoA banner. The Best & USA covers are AWESOME

  36. Hey, just checked out your LiveJournal page (yes I know I’m so behind) but it was very entertaining… I especially like the random bits XD!

  37. Hey. I was just wondering if you are having problems uploading photos and media on WordPress at the moment? I insert the photo, but then the screen goes blank and I have to close it… it’s really frustrating!

  38. I love the Tyra thing!

  39. Hey Lex~
    I moved my site a while ago to stylejapan.unchained.nu so if you could please put that on your blogroll it would be appreciated :)
    I can’t wait for your review of ANSWER~ perhaps your next review?

  40. Love the Mai Kuraki banner (and the song) xD

  41. Oh my… I’m loving the new banner!

  42. Are you really still playing SUIKODEN III? When was the last time this page was updated? and how often?
    Yeah! Tyra gif is uber FIERCE! hahaha

  43. HII, I hope you review Yuna Ito’s DREAM soon
    cuz I just got it and its AMAZING
    the non-singles on the album are amazing
    and after “Body” (the last track) she included a secret song is you wait for about a minute.
    the secret track is the english version of Koi wa Groovy that was used for Yuna’s english segment/show koi wa GUBI GUBI.

  44. I really love your blog! I’m a big fan of japanese music and that’s a real pleasure to come here to read some reviews. Good Job guy! Keep writin’!

  45. Hi. I actually just started a japanese music review blog and I was wondering if we could exchange links. Mine is ashentwilight.wordpress.com….. so thanks!

  46. What’s Kana Nishino doing up there on the banner? Are you gonna start reviewing her too? :D

  47. Yep! Her new single is out next month.

  48. Ooh that banner is pretty. I’ll definitely check Kana Nishino out.

  49. hahaha trashy vh1 shows… they’re the best xD

  50. are you still active, I’m back BTW

  51. I really enjoy reading your blog.

  52. Your new banner looks so cool <3.

  53. Hey there! Just wanna say that I discovered this site literally only yesterday… but after browsing through, I’m loving it! ^^
    I enjoy reading the new artist’ infos… btw can you please review Chihiro Onitsuka? I’m a huge fan of hers, as well as Miliyah Kato!
    Cool reviews & constant updates–keep it up!

  54. Hey there! I moved Aesthetic Rhapsody to http://skyline.tetsunosuke.com/
    Mind if you change links please? Thanks! :D

  55. Hey, what happened? :( 2006-2010? =/

  56. =(

  57. what happened?

  58. have to agree with Ren. I’ve been a lurker on this blog for about a year, but I look for updates daily. Following this blog has really allowed me to broaden my music tastes and discover new artists (like JASMINE)! That and I like your review style.

  59. This is my favorite blog ever…love the reviews!!!

  60. RIP 2006-2010? I hope not!

  61. wtf happened

  62. noooo where’s your posts at????

  63. What happened to the site? :(

  64. wad happened to the blog? seems like it keeps diverting to the blog’s history. And also there hasn’t been any updates?

  65. I’m just wondering if you buy all singles/albums or download them?

    And great site!

  66. bawww where are you lex and what’s going on with this blog?

  67. Is everything alright? What happened to your lovely blog? T^T

  68. Why do all your sections revert back to the blog’s history?

  69. This was my fave blog :( Good Luck without whatever else you pursue

  70. beyond the sea is no more! =( -emo tear- anyways it was a good blog site while it lasted! =D

  71. good luck in boot camp & keep up the great reviews!

  72. Hi!
    So… I’ve been following your blog for the past few YEARS, really, and now I have my own blog and the review layouts are actually based on the way you used to write yours. Your writing style is so wonderful, it would be lovely if we could be affiliates after all these years of reading your reviews. Would you like to be affiliates with my blog? Thanks in advance =)

  73. What the crap is this Lex? Where ish you? D:

  74. i want to say that i enjoy your reviews a lot and thanks you for your efforts, and joy of reviewing ^^ thankyou for all you’ve done, i will miss this blog =(

    unless it’s coming back soon but probably not lmao so bye lex ^^ fighting!

  75. D; Duude. Did you stop blogging? Did something happen?!

  76. Hikki called. She wants her haitus back.

    Both of them.

  77. HI, ya…I’d like to believe that this blog had amnesia through out the second half of 2010.. but u r comin back fo sho!!!

  78. Man… i admire your courage and effort to downloading, you rock~! upload more ^^~! Also, could you upload the piano sheets of a few songs? (For ex : Only Human by K (Kei) ; Even If by Ken Hirai) Or is that too much~ well… if you need the Only Human, use this link ^^ http://bao.o.free.fr/OnlyHuman.pdf
    Anywho, TY for uploading once again, YOU ROCK SERIOUSLY!!!!! JPop Forever <3


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