Guess who got a Tumblr…

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This guy did. ;D


Hello everyone!

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I’m happy to report that Beyond the Sea is officially back in business! After a couple of months of getting situated with my new military life and job at my first duty station, I feel comfortable enough to begin reviewing again. I just reviewed 2 albums (Love songs and Dejavu) in the past couple of days and let’s just say that I missed it. =O

Here are some little things though:

  • Reviews will most likely come on the weekends when I’m off duty. I’m still busy after duty hours on weekdays since I’m studying my career development courses and doing PT but weekends I’m totally open.
  • The “upcoming reviews” page is GONE. I’m going to review whatever I feel like now but you’ll be able to see the next review on the right side of the page.
  • I’ll be switching back and forth between my old (track-by-track) and new (summarizing) review styles. Depending on the type of release it is, I’ll decide which style is better.

That’s pretty much it! Now I have to make a new banner for this blog…the old Ken Hirai one is depressing me. lol

– Lex

P.S. Thanks for all the welcome back comments. You guys are so nice. =D

UPDATE -Still alive but that’s pretty much it-

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Bleh! I’m almost done with tech school (I’ll be home on leave on Friday) and I can’t wait to start listening to some new music. Things are going to get busy again once I get to my first base but I’ll have more computer time at least. There’s going to be a lot to listen to as well…so many new albums came out recently!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m doing good and I’ll be back to reviewing eventually. I’m also sending my regards to all the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I hope everyone there is safe and sound. :)


I’m back! However…

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Hey everyone! I graduated basic military training at the end January and here I am at tech school. So that’s Airman Lex from now on. ;D Just kidding.

Unfortunately I haven’t heard any new music since I left in November. I know that’s not even 3 months but this is the Japanese music industry we’re talking about. 3 months equals 3 years. Am I right?

There’s no wi-fi or ethernet here in my dorm so I’m stuck using these government computers at the moment. I’m ready to start reviewing again but that’s the main issue I’m facing right now. I haven’t had much time to go online anyway since I’m currently training for my job and taking classes from 8 to 5. I’m ~projected~ to graduate from school at the end of March.

Once I get internet access on my laptop, I’ll have a lot to catch up on. The first thing that I plan on reviewing is Ayumi Hamasaki’s latest album Love songs as a refresher. The Ayu stans can post comments telling me “how good it is”. lolz In the meantime, I’ll let you guys know if something comes up (and let me know about upcoming Jpop releases!)



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See you in 2011!


“I just pulled a Utada…” & The future of Beyond the Sea

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Hello everyone. *shifty eyes* I hope you’re not mad. D:

I finally decided to revisit this blog after neglecting it for months. I have to apologize to all my readers because I never made a proper “farewell post” back in August when I chose to stop reviewing. I have my reasons but the main one was that I got tired of reviewing. At times, posting on this blog was like a big chore to me (I sound like such a whiny bitch right now LOL). After reviewing for 4 years straight, I was uninspired and to put it bluntly, I just didn’t feel like it anymore. I thought changing my style of reviewing would liven things up but that was only temporary.

I realized that I only needed to take a break.

Unfortunately…like I have said many months before, I have enlisted into the US Air Force but the time has finally come for me to go. I leave for basic military training on Monday, November 15th and will be gone for 8 weeks.

It kind of sucks that I finally feel like reviewing again at this point in time but rest assured, I do plan on fully reviving this blog in January. 2011 promises to be a good year. I’ll be in technical school and have my computer back. It’ll just be like when I was in college (reviewing Jpop as I was studying for classes). XD

Anyway, I have 3 days left before I have to leave and I want to make some posts. This includes special posts like “2010 in review” and some lists like my all-time favorite artists, albums, and other random stuff.

So just like Utada Hikaru, I’m going on hiatus from my current hiatus. ;D


July Releases! (Super Late Post lulz)

July 7, 2010 at 11:06 AM | Posted in ~Blog Updates & Announcements | 7 Comments

If you’re wondering why this post is like a week late…I kind of forgot. >_> Anyway, here is the list of relevant stuff that is coming out (or already is lol) this month.

Koda Kumi – Gossip Candy [7/7]
alan – Kaze ni Mukau Hana [7/7]
Ai Kawashima – Sorairo ~Simple Treasure~ [7/7]
Ayumi Hamasaki – MOON / blossom [7/14]
Aya Kamiki – Revolver [7/14]
Anna Tsuchiya – Atashi [7/21]
BoA – WOO WEEKEND [7/21]
Namie Amuro – Break It / Get Myself Back [7/28]
WaT – Kimi ga Boku ni Kiss wo Shita [7/28]

Nana Mizuki – IMPACT EXCITER [7/7]
Maki Goto – ONE (mini-album) [7/28]

I might have forgotten something…oh well~ It’s gonna be a busy month.

~CRISIS 2010~ =O

June 12, 2010 at 10:07 AM | Posted in ~Blog Updates & Announcements | 7 Comments

I’m on a little “break” because my laptop (that has ALL my music and my photo editing program) is out of power and needs a new adapter. I’m pretty sure it’s because I spilled water on it. LOL Like I said, this is a ~CRISIS~.

I’m on the brand new iMac for the time being so no reviews until then. I’m really sorry! Seriously, this crap is confusing! (NO RIGHT CLICK? You’re kidding me, right?) I’ll still be around so you guys can chat with me and ask questions if you want. I did want to make some Jpop FAQ posts for a while.

Honestly, I don’t know how long this last but I’m guessing a week at most. Dell is full of bitches and bad customer service so I’m not getting another adapter from them. As for music, I still have a bunch of albums that I burned to occupy me. You know, ancient stuff like Utada Hikaru’s ULTRA BLUE and BoA’s OUTGROW. XD

EDIT: I reviewed BENI’s Lovebox and Yuya Matsushita’s I AM ME is on the way. After that, no reviews for real this time until I get that new adapter.

Coming Up in June~

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Hey guys! Today is June 1st and here is a list of some releases that I care about coming up this month. It can save you from the “Are you gonna review ____________?” comments. Then again, who knows what might show up. ;D

YUI – to Mother [6/2]
May J. – Shiny Sky [6/9]
K – Aitai Kara [6/16]
Do As Infinity – ∞2 [6/16]
MiChi×the telephones – WoNDeR WomaN [6/23]
Thelma Aoyama – Summer Love!! feat. RED RICE from Shonannokaze [6/30]
the brilliant green – Blue Daisy [6/30]

BENI – Lovebox [6/2]
Yuya Matsushita – I AM ME [6/2]
Crystal Kay – FLASH (mini-album) [6/16]
Kana Nishino – to LOVE [6/23]
lela – Jukai no Tsuki (mini-album) [6/23]

Anything else you want to mention? I got my eye on you!!1!!1


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This is for you guys with a account. Don’t forget to add me as a friend: ;D

Because I believe in tagging Jpop songs correctly since July 2009 (lolz), think of this post as a little tutorial but this is really a rant more than anything.

– Most importantly, look at the back of CDs. Music Pixels has a huge collection of CD scans and you can also do a search at Yahoo Auctions. These sites are super helpful if you want to tag song titles correctly. Listening to Jpop, you should know how the Japanese just love to screw around with the English language.
– Look at Oricon profiles. JpopStop usually has links to a single/album’s Oricon profile. For albums, they’ll show a tracklisting but not for singles.
– Don’t trust official sites…most of the time.

– For any artist that has kanji or whatever in their names…examples include:

Ayumi Hamasaki = 浜崎あゆみ
Utada Hikaru = 宇多田ヒカル
Ai Otsuka = 大塚愛 (No there ISN’T a space, mmk?)
Hitomi Shimatani = 島谷ひとみ
Ami Suzuki = 鈴木亜美 (avex releases ONLY. Pre-avex stuff should be tagged as 鈴木あみ.)
ayaka = 絢香

The correct tag for ayaka is 絢香 so get it right, bbz. That’s a common mistake I see. It’s like when you see “ayumi hamasaki” or “ai otsuka” on their respective covers. It’s not official but just for style.

– Leave names like these alone! Just don’t do it!!1!1!

Aira Mitsuki (Tricky!)
Crystal Kay

– Watch out for these… *dramatic pause* names in KATAKANA.

Angela Aki = アンジェラ・アキ
Leah Dizon = リア・ディゾン
Stephanie = ステファニー
Younha = ユンナ (For her Japanese works.)

But omg Lex, it says ~Angela Aki~ on the cover. Like I said, it’s for style purposes.

This is probably my least favorite thing about tagging correctly. I only use these 2 fug symbols. You won’t see these in my reviews unless they’re coupled with Japanese characters (like alan’s RED CLIFF ~心・戦~. It makes things easlier on the eyes. lulz Don’t even get me started on spacing! I could go on forever.

~ = ~
Example: Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ = Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~

* = *
Example: *Epilogue* ~LOVE one.~ = *Epilogue*~LOVE one.~

Some artists like to be bitchy and use the Japanese floaty periods at the end of their ENGLISH titles. IDGI

Dear… = Dear・・・
She is… = She is・・・

Let’s not forget other cutesy shit symbols like a star ☆ or a heart ♥. There’s other stuff I’ve seen too. *over my head*

Its there anything I’m missing or something you want to ask? I am an expert in this field after all. ;D

Anyway, I have to give an update on my “personal life” because this will directly affect the blog. Last November, I was accepted into the United States Air Force and I’m currently in the Delayed Entry Program (a.k.a. a waiting list). I still don’t have a date on when I’m going to basic training yet so I decided to keep BtS up and running. Believe it or not, I still like reviewing music after all these years. lol

My review of KOKIA’s new album REAL WORLD will be coming tomorrow followed by an early review of Ai Otsuka’s new single. At the end of April, I will be a doing a summary post of the first 4 months of 2010. You know those “year in review” things I do? This will be the same thing but I’ll be doing it every 4 months instead. It’s easier that way and there’s less stuff to cover.

See you later, guys! ^^

– Lex

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